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Variations in the height, shape of the leaves and branching patterns of the cannabis plant are used to identify different strains. Cannabis sativa plants can grow upwards of twelve feet, with finger-like leaves, and are most common in hot, dry climates. Sativas typically offer higher doses of THC and lower ratios of CBD.

Find Sativa Cannabis Strains Near You

The general rule associates sativas with a cerebral high. This category of strains is sought out for energizing, uplifting effects. You might feel creative, productive, happy and more social. Because of the stimulating impact, sativas are recommended for daytime use and are often used to reduce anxiety, generate new ideas, gain focus and treat nausea, headaches, and depression.

NoDak Green Prairie offers a wide selection of sativa strains at our Eugene Dispensary

NoDak Green Prairie is your family-owned, nearby weed dispensary in the greater Eugene area, where you’ll find sativas galore. Whether as a medicinal remedy or recreational enjoyment, we encourage browsing of our flower, extracts, edibles, vapes, dabs, pre-rolls and tinctures. From new discoveries to familiar favorites, all levels of potencies and the most appreciated terpenes, we always satisfy. We’re an easy drive from anywhere across Eugene, Springfield, Creswell, Pleasant Hill, Harrisburg, Junction City, Elmira, Veneta, and College Grove, OR.