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For those customers who prefer to smoke weed without the hassle of grinding and rolling flower themselves, pre-rolls are a perfect solution to take out the work of preparing the perfect joint. Instead of having to buy rolling paper separately and spend time preparing your weed ahead of time, you can simply buy the weed pre-rolled and ready to go. Our pre-rolls are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid options and we also offer standard pre-rolls, joints, and blunts.

Cannabis Joints & Pre-Rolls

A standard pre-roll uses regular rolling paper to wrap the marijuana, which is a great option when you want the full cannabinoid flavor without any distractions. However, we also offer joints and blunts if you’re looking for more variety and flavor combinations. Joints are when the cannabis is pre-rolled in papers that are infused with different flavors. Blunts are pre-rolled in tobacco, which gives you an extra buzz and a new flavor profile on top of the cannabis flavor.


Some of our favorite pre-roll flavors that are available for you to purchase include Green Thai Dragon, Mangolicious, and Rebel Berry. As you can tell by the names, you’ll find a great variety of flavors to suit any mood or occasion. Our pot shop has proudly served the Eugene, Oregon area since 2014 with quality cannabis products that we know you’ll love. Come and stop by for more information.

A wide variety of flavors & strains of pre-rolled joints at NoDak Green Prairie